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Parenting is easy. But parenting well is a whole other beast. It’s the hardest thing you and I will ever do and no one has prepared us for it.

Sure, there are days when there are no tantrums, no begging for devices, no fighting or name-calling, none of those things that trigger apoplexy. Only reading, running around in the garden, drawing, painting, doing puzzles and talking. The stuff my dreams are made of. Basically, days when life is a well-oiled machine and everything moves along smoothly.

But then there are days when we hit a hurdle every step of the…

Here’s an idea!

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Regardless of whether one keeps a journal or not, there’s something incredibly appealing about the idea of journaling. As for me, I have been thoroughly consistent with my journals but utterly sporadic with the journaling.

Through the years, I’ve tried many different MOs of maintaining a journal. The Dear Diary kind of journals, gratitude journals, despair journals, affirmation journals, one-line-a-day journals, five-minutes-daily journals, stream of consciousness morning pages (which is a bit like journaling but not entirely), and so on. And I bullet journaled my way through the pandemic, which was quite a fun thing to do even though not…

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It was a beautiful day
The weather was fine
The sky
Yellow blue and pink
The streets littered and red
With bodies
Very very dead.

There’s no one to point a finger at
Because the one is actually a many
A singular finger not nearly enough
For plural mobs that cumulate
The worst of its constituent individuals
They don’t deny the killings
The way they don’t take credit
For taking the lives of innocents.
Neighbours and cops look the other way
Like they’ve been instructed to do
They don’t believe in our God, you see. …

You probably haven’t heard before.

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“Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery.” — H Jackson Brown Jr

No. That’s not the advice. That’s just a quote.

My parents have been married 40 years and theirs is one of the most loving marriages I have seen. But like all happily and unhappily married couples, they argue too. They argue but they don’t fight and I have always felt that if my marriage could be like theirs, I’d be happy.

When I was getting married to my husband, 10 anniversaries ago, my parents were anxious. They didn’t think the…

Parenting has evolved and so must we

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A thousand years ago, people would have laughed at our modern notion of parenting. Back then there was only child-rearing, for the most part. Keeping the children safe and well-fed and teaching them to fend for themselves as adults.

Today, being a parent entails all this and a whole lot more. Today, we want to conscientiously work towards keeping the kids happy, kind, confident, self-aware, self-disciplined, empathic, sensible, responsible, emotionally intelligent, hard-working, successful and so on. And we can’t even rely on back-breaking work or life-threatening dangers lurking at every step to help “build character”(Life Philosophy #1291 from Calvin &…


Every day, I thank my stars that my children grew to be such voracious readers. We buy books, we exchange with friends, borrow from libraries, buy used books from flea markets and consume books in all formats, printed books, books on kindle, ebooks on other apps and audiobooks too. There’s no greater joy for me than providing my avid readers with more to read.

My daughter is 7 and prefers books with some pictures in them. My 9-year-old son is an information nerd and loves to read non-fiction books that help him cram his head full of facts. In addition…

I am a mother of two, both truly outliers in their own right. Oh no, not those kind of outliers. The other kind.

My older one will soon turn 9 but has the emotional maturity of a 5 year old. He hates talking about ‘feelings’ and bottles them up until he can’t anymore and ultimately rages them out. He tears up every time he is corrected or denied something. My only solace lies in the fact that he is a voracious reader and is extremely curious about the world. He is always asking questions of Alexa and whenever possible, Google…

Vineeta A

One head. Many hats.

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